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On our way to the office, I have the cab drop us at our favorite ice cream shop and we leave with two scoops each.

"So you were sticking up for your friend?" I ask as we walk into the office building where I work for Gabby's dad. The ice cream shop is just down the block.


"Did you have to make the other girl bleed?"

"I didn't mean to," she admits. "It just sort of...happened."

"Well, you'll have to tell me the story sometime."

She nods as we walk to the elevator.

"I'm in so much trouble," Gabby mutters, staring at her strawberry ice cream.

"Maybe not. I'll talk to your dad before I send him into the office."

"You're the best," she says with a grin. "What would I do without you?"

"We'll never have to know," I assure her as we reach our floor. Gabby beelines it into her dad's office, and I call him one last time to leave a message that we're back at his office.

This is a pretty typical day in the life for me as Carter Shaw's assistant. I don't just work as his legal assistant, although that is technically my job title. No, for five years I've helped with everything, from picking Gabby up from school to hiring and firing housekeepers and nannies. I work fourteen-hour days. I am married to the job.

But I wouldn't have it any other way.

"The preteen drama queen is in your office," I inform Carter when he comes walking into the office with his brother-in-law Quinn. "She's been suspended until Monday, and I already have her phone in my desk. But Carter."

He stops and looks down at me with worried blue eyes. I can see that he's impatient to get to his daughter, to find out what the hell is going on.

"You really need to listen to her before you fly off the handle."

"I don't fly off the handle," Carter replies. I roll my eyes.

"Of course. You're completely calm at all times."

"Thanks for taking care of things, Nora," Carter says as he walks to his door and both men walk into the office.

Every day is the same.

Thanks for taking care of things, Nora.

About thirty minutes later, the three of them come walking back out of the office. Quinn hugs Gabby, nods at me, and heads to his office.

"We're headed home," Carter says grimly. Gabby's still looking miserable, but no longer scared, and that makes me happy. Her father may have moments of impatience, but he's right, he's rarely flown off the handle. I just know that when she tells him she made Claire bleed, his temper may flare.

"Do you want me to drop dinner by later?"

"Oh, I'm full," Gabby says. "That ice cream filled me up."

Carter stops and stares down at his daughter, then over to me. "You rewarded her for being suspended by taking her for ice cream?"

"I didn't reward her, or punish her, for anything."

"Christ," he mutters. "You need to remember your place, Nora. Taking my daughter out for ice cream after picking her up from school is not that place."

I'm shell-shocked. Are you fucking kidding me?

But before I can respond, Carter grabs Gabby's hand and they disappear down the hallway to the elevator.

I need to remember my place.

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